Shift Tremec Or Hurst Equipped Rides In Style

Precision machined Billet “Throwback” Style Shifter for Tremec and Hurst Shifters feature aerospace-quality craftsmanship and Ringbrothers’ award-winning details.
Spring Green, WI (January, 2014) ? There are few things that make you feel more connected to your vehicle than rowing the gears of a manual transmission. This simple act of moving a lever back and forth reminds you that you are the one in control. But when you are building a vehicle to stand apart, having the same shift lever as everyone else just won’t do. Now, Ringbrothers has developed a billet aluminum shift lever for Tremec and Hurst shifters that is perfect for the enthusiast that demands quality, style, and functionality.
Tremec and Hurst are names synonymous with performance, but their shift levers look like they haven’t changed in 60 years. Designed as a direct, bolt-on replacement for a Tremec or Hurst two-bolt stick, the new Ringbrothers Billet Throwback Style Shifters are the ultimate way to update the look of your vehicle’s interior while delivering a shift lever that stands up to the rigors of performance driving. These shifters are precision machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum for an impressive look and maximum durability and feature a 30-degree rearward cant for proper positioning.
Ringbrothers Billet Throwback Shifters fit Tremec TKO-500, TKO-600, and T-56 transmisions as well as aftermarket Hurst shifters that utilize the standard two-bolt mounting flange. They are available in eight-inch and ten-inch lengths and can be ordered in either a Natural or Black Anodized finish. The 3/8-16 threaded stud with included lock nut allows you to easily install the Ringbrothers Billet Shifter Knob (sold separately) or other aftermarket shift knobs compatible with that thread pattern.
Ringbrothers shift levers are made in the U.S.A. and do not require any modifications for installation. Each shifter includes all required installation hardware and instructions. For more information on the Ringbrothers shifters or other Ringbrothers parts and accessories, visit
30-Degree Throwback Style Shifter 8-inch $125.00
30-Degree Throwback Style Shifter 10-inch $125.00
Ringbrothers LLC - ( - Based in Spring Green, WI, Ringbrotheers has rocketed into the top ranks of American car builders over the past decade, winning numerous design awards including “Best in Show” at the 2011 SEMA Show, back-to-back Goodguys Street Machine of the Year awards, multiple Mother’s Shine awards, countless magazine covers and several builds commissioned by OEMs. Founders Mike and Jim Ring also design and manufacture some of the most detailed billet interior and exterior parts that money can buy, beautifully designed with architectural lines and incredible craftsmanship, all made in the USA. Each piece of automotive jewelry that leaves the facility gives buyers an opportunity to make their very own Ringbrothers inspired cars that truly stand apart.

MSD Releases Black Chevy V8 Crank Trigger Distributor & Standalone Air/Fuel Wideband 02 Gauge Kits

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of MSD's Black Chevy V8 Crank Trigger Distributors and Standalone Air/Fuel Wideband 02 Gauge Kits. The distributor is ideal for race cars where space in the engine compartment is at a premium, and the gauges are available in your choice of black or white and compatible with both EFI and carbureted setups.
Black Chevy V8 Crank Trigger Distributors
MSD Black Chevy V8 Crank Trigger Distributors are perfect for vehicles with tight under-hood clearance yet still transfer the high voltage MSD racing ignitions are famous for. Designed specifically for use with MSD crank triggers and MSD ignition controls, they fit low in the block to clear your firewall and intake components. A large-diameter HEI-style cap with wide-spaced terminals and an injection-molded Rynite rotor with thick vanes to stir up the air inside the cap help it create maximum voltage. An oversized polished-steel shaft has a QPQ coating for reduced friction and is guided by a sealed ball bearing and an extra-long sintered bushing. A specially designed oil tract delivers maximum lubrication to the distributor and cam gears.? These crank trigger distributors are compatible with both small block and big block Chevrolet engines.
Standalone Air/Fuel Wideband 02 Gauges Kit
?MSD Standalone Air/Fuel Wideband 02 Gauges Kits are extremely accurate and compatible with both EFI and carbureted fuel systems. Available in black- and white-face versions, these feature-packed analog-style standalone gauges measure 2-1/16-inch in a slim-style package that takes up very little dash space. Their easy-to-read analog dial includes a 270-degree sweep pointer from 6 o'clock to 3 o’clock, and an internal microprocessor controls pointer movement to ensure accurate movement in street, off-road, and race conditions. For virtually limitless mounting options, a five-foot-long six-pin weathertight sensor harness and four-foot power/ground/lighting harness is included. An adjustable LED warning light allows you to set both low and high trigger points, and a peak recall button displays min/max gauge readings. The Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor is compatible with all fuel types - leaded, unleaded, E85, diesel, and even methanol.

Thermo Tec Introduces 24K Gold Heat Barriers

New from Thermo Tec, the industry leader in heat and sound management systems, is the 24 K Heat Barrier. With an attractive finish and easy application adhesive back the 24 K Heat Barrier can be used for an assortment of issues and fixes. The 24 K Heat Barrier can withstand radiant heat of up to 1600 F and can be trimmed to fit virtually anywhere. This makes it a great product to protect sensitive parts, hoses, wiring, and other place that heat may be an issue. The 24 K Heat Barrier comes in the four following sizes: 12”x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x50’, and 1.5”x15” rolls. For more information about this product or any other products contact Thermo Tec at, call 800-274-8437, or visit them on the web at

AutoMeter Diesel Tach Adapter Now Shipping

AutoMeter Proudly Introduces the Diesel Tach Adapter
The AutoMeter Diesel Tach Adapter has been the #1 most requested accessory from diesel enthusiasts. Until now, there has never been an easy way to install an aftermarket tachometer on diesel applications. This innovative device isn't limited to just diesel applications though, it's an ideal solution for any vehicle equipped with an alternator that needs an accurate tach signal. The installation process is incredibly simple and warranty friendly. The Diesel Tach Adapter utilizes a small pick up probe that is strapped to the outside of the vehicle's alternator and inductively reads its rotation. Using the easy, one touch calibration process, the module converts that signal to a 12v square wave signal that any AutoMeter tachometer can use. A true breakthrough in diesel performance products, the Diesel Tach Adapter is available now through AutoMeter authorized retailers and with a street price under $130.
Click Here for part numbers and details!

Holley Announces EFI Distributors, Gauges, LED Indicators, & Gen III Hemi Harnesses

Holley is proud to announce the all new plug and play Dual Sync Billet Distributor lineup, Holley EFI analog style gauges, and Gen III Hemi harnesses from Holley EFI.
Dual Sync Distributors
These high-quality distributors feature CNC machined billet aluminum construction that houses a pair of ultra-accurate Hall Effect sensors for both camshaft and crankshaft position to support sequential EFI operation. The Hall Effect sensor design provides precise timing control and noise immunity. The precision machined shutter wheel ensures a rock solid RPM signal beyond 8,000 RPM. With a simple plug and play installation and integrated LEDs for easy setup, these units will have your show car or race car up and running in no time with Holley EFI or other aftermarket EFI systems.
Analog Style Gauges
Holley's analog style gauges are designed specifically for use with Holley EFI systems. This includes all Terminator, HP, Dominator, and Sniper ECUs, allowing them to be installed in any vehicle with Holley EFI. The CAN communication allows the gauges to daisy chain using the included stereo cables, which makes installation quick and clean. The required gauge module allows plug and play communication between the ECU and gauges via a one-wire ECU connection. All gauges fit 2-1/16" mounting holes. They are also compatible with all Holley EFI touchscreens, dashes, handheld tuners, and other CAN devices, making them great for users looking to install a combination of needle gauges and LCD accessories.
LED Light Bar
The Holley EFI LED Light Bar is an entirely new take on shift lights and warning indicators. It features 14 LEDs that are fully programmable using the Holley EFI Digital Dash or the Holley Standalone Digital Dash. You can program the LED color, brightness, and flash rates as well as user definable warning indicators for a fully customizable experience suited to your personal preferences.
Gen III Hemi Harnesses
Holley EFI now offers the main EFI Harness with throttle position sensor and idle air control connections for the Gen III Hemi engine. The main EFI Harness connects to all of the necessary factory sensors and related EFI sensors to run a plug and play Holley EFI system on your Gen III Hemi. All wiring is TXL grade copper wiring with minimal weight and uses a high temp sleeve in a small diameter to make running wire as easy as possible. Factory style terminations and connectors are OEM grade for strong and secure connections.