GAS Auto Solutions LLC Releases "The Clever Turn Signal"

Releasing a new type of solid state Auto Cancel turn signal controller. The auto cancel is not based on a timed turn event. This is a TRUE auto cancel which reads the inertia forces of a turn and cancels the turn automatically (Patent Pending.) This controller activates the signal using a momentary switch and is ideal for variety of autos with less then ideal turn signal controllers. This unit also controls flashers and brake lights if needed. Additional functions include a turn flash mix and a secondary shut off timer for things like lane changes should you forget. There is even a mix allowing the front turn signal to be used as marker lights. Whether you have an old car with non automated turn signals and no flashers, a new hot rod with a steering column and no turn signals or a performance car where you wish to get the turn lever off the steering column; the simplicity of an integrated system is as easy as hooking up the wires. This is also an ideal solution for an expanding growth of off road vehicles such as golf carts finding their way on to rural roads and properties.

Start with a NEW Body and Chassis with Schwartz Performance

Finding a straight, unmolested muscle car or truck body to mount to your Schwartz G-Machine Chassis is getting tougher every day. The expense and time involved in repairing body rust or damage can easily pile up as you assemble your project. To save time, cost and distress, consider starting with an all new body to complement your new chassis. Schwartz Performance can provide a brand new Dynacorn body mounted to your new G-Machine Chassis. Dynacorn is the leader in reproduction licensed body shells and offers a variety of Chevy and Ford bodies. Each body is built from all brand new sheet metal and in most areas the material is a heavier gauge than the original! Dynacorn builds the bodies to tighter tolerances and provides a stiffer and better body than the original. Schwartz is an authorized Dynacorn dealer and can supply an all new body for a first gen Camaro or Firebird, ’70 Chevelle, ’65-’70 Mustang or ’47-’53 Chevy truck cab mounted to your new chassis. While they’re at it, the Schwartz team can mini-tub the new body to fit your tire/wheel combination. You’ll be ahead of the curve with all new sheet metal to complement your brand new chassis, plus you’ll save installation and shipping costs! The Schwartz G-Machine chassis is a complete full-frame design that will bolt under your classic muscle car or truck. Our efficient frame design increases rigidity and decreases weight by replacing the steering gearbox and front end components along with the antiquated rear suspension. Another benefit to the G-Machine chassis is that it easily accepts late model powertrains including Ford Coyote and GM LS platforms. In In fact, Schwartz can supply nearly any engine and transmission with your chassis! Learn more at Schwartz G-Machine Mustang Chassis.

Meguiar’s Upgrades Its Line Of Headlight Restoration Products

Premium Headlight Restoration Kits and Products to easily restore headlight clarity and keep headlights protected
Irvine, CA - Meguiar’s today announced its new line of headlight care and restoration products that make it easy for anyone to achieve amazing results. The complete line of headlight kits and products offer consumers a variety of solutions to restore and maintain headlights. The lineup of Meguiar’s headlight solutions includes:
Basic Headlight Restoration Kit
Meguiar’s® Basic Headlight Restoration Kit is a cost-effective solution to bring a crystal clear finish to headlights. This hand applied kit doesn’t require any special tools and effectively removes light oxidation, cloudiness and surface scratches to enhance visibility and safety for nighttime driving. The kit contains three, double-sided, abrasive discs, a 4-ounce container of Meguiar’s® PlastX Plastic Polish and a microfiber towel for a modest MSRP of $14.99.
Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit
Meguiar’s innovative Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit is fast and easy hand solution that allows anyone to quickly clean and then coat their headlights, restoring clarity. The first step quickly and easily removes oxidation by using Meguiar’s® Headlight Cleaning Compound with the supplied Cleaning Disc. Once all oxidation is removed, simply spray two coats of Meguiar’s innovative Keep Clear Headlight Coating on to the headlight to reveal crystal clear results that lasts. Meguiar’s® Keep Clear Headlight Coating has been lab tested to withstand up to a year’s worth of UV exposure which means that once headlights are clear of oxidation they will stay clear for up to a year! The kit includes two Cleaning Discs, a 4-ounce container of Headlight Cleaning Compound and a 4-ounce container of Keep Clear Headlight Coating for an affordable MSRP of $19.99.
Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
Meguiar’s® Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit provides professional results at home, removing heavy oxidation, cloudiness and surface scratches, while delivering a crystal clear finish. Ideal for severely oxidized, neglected or yellowed headlights, this kit utilizes both hand and drill application for sanding and machine buffing. To seal & protect the freshly restored lens, Meguiar’s proprietary Headlight Coating prevents re-oxidation for up to one year after application! The self-leveling coating contains 100% active ingredients, maximizing the durability and clarity of the headlight lens. The kit contains 1000 and 3000 grit sanding discs, easy grip hand sanding pad, easy-buff wool pad, a 4-ounce container of Meguiar’s® PlastX Plastic Polish, 2.5 oz of Headlight Coating (liquid concentrate) and a Headlight Coating applicator pad all for an MSRP of $29.99.
Keep Clear Headlight Coating Aerosol
This proprietary coating, included in the Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit, can now be purchased on its own.. This aerosol improves and maintains clarity on freshly cleaned or restored headlights for up to one year. Meguiar’s® Keep Clear Headlight Coating may also be used to protect new headlight lens. For new/already clear headlight lenses, there’s no sanding required. Simply use a glass cleaner like Meguiar’s® Perfect Clarity™ Glass Cleaner to remove dirt, oil and grime, then mask and apply the coating to the clean lens per the instructions. The headlight now has a UV barrier that will protect it for a year! This 4-ounce aerosol spray has a MSRP of $9.99 and will cover 4 average sized headlights.
PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish
This easy-to-use, rich gel formula quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics.. Cutting-edge advancements in Meguiar’s exclusive Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology (MDAT) remove light oxidation, chemical degradation, surface contamination, stains and light surface scratches with ease. MSRP for this product is $8.99.
About Meguiar’s
For more than 115 years, Meguiar’s has provided Car Crazy people with specialized state-of-the-art formulations for making every car’s appearance show car perfect. Meguiar’s provides high performance car care products for every automotive surface.

Lighting Performance Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Portland, OR, September 27, 2017 - PIAA challenged their engineers to produce two sets of performance bulbs that they could bring to the market at a very attractive price point. By maintaining our high quality and performance standards, PIAA now has upgrade performance bulbs for a broader price spectrum. The Platinum LEDs and the Xtreme White Hybrid halogen bulbs are not only a considerable upgrade in output and safety, but they are now a more economical option for consumers.
The PIAA Platinum LED bulbs are engineered with a brilliant cut-line and anti-glare technology to direct the light to where you need it most. High power Lumiled Luxeon Z ES LEDs provide extreme luminescence in a micro footprint package for precise beam angle control. In addition to the dual alloy heat-sink, these LEDs have excellent thermal resistance that allows for consistent operating temperatures and longer life.
The Xtreme White Hybrid Bulbs provide the best possible balance between performance and bulb life. Constructed utilizing features from the Xtreme White Plus and Night Tech lines, these Hybrid bulbs provide high output and reliability that today's drivers demand. Extreme White Hybrids are engineered with newly-developed bulb coatings to provide a brighter and whiter beam than stock bulbs. These bulbs give more contrast and brighter down road illumination allowing you to see farther for greater safety and comfort.
PIAA Platinum LEDs
MSRP: $149.95
PIAA Xtreme White Hybrid Bulbs
MSRP: $49.95
Please see for more information.
About PIAA Corporation
PIAA Corporation was established in 1963 with the commitment to manufacture world-class driving lights that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Today, PIAA upholds that commitment by combining market driven concepts with the latest technology to make night, inclement weather, and off-road driving as safe as possible.

PIAA Solar Yellow Bulbs Are Now Available

The next evolution in yellow lighting led us to the Solar Yellow line of bulbs.. advancements in coating technology allows us to deliver Vivid Coat Technology that provides great performance at a lower price. The color temperature of Solar Yellow makes these a safe options when dealing with snow, sleet, fog, dust, and smoke.. If you are looking to enhance the look of your vehicle, or improve the performance of your lights in inclement weather, the Solar Yellow bulbs are the ideal solution.
• Highest quality quartz glass and alloy filament for performance and durability
• Vivid-Coat Technology has far less light loss than other coated bulbs
• Cutting edge yellow output improves visibility in inclement weather
• 2500K Yellow Color has significantly less glare than white light
• Improves visibility in inclement weather
• Backed by one year warranty