Death By Debris - A Highway "Killer" Hiding In Plain Sight

SEMA Booth #37000
Highway Debris; Highest Levels in Years;
25,000 Debris Related Collisions Each Year in North America;
New Concerns and Renewed Awareness of the Problem.
RAINBOW, Calif., October 14, 2014 -- Avoiding "Deadly Garbage" on our highways is becoming a real problem for a larger proportion of Americans. The share of drivers saying they have either "hit a piece of debris, been hit by flying debris or had to swerve to avoid debris," has grown dramatically in recent years. The most recent study by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that vehicle-related road debris causes about 25,000 collisions and more than 100 deaths each year in North America. Unsecured or poorly secured items that can become "life threatening" to other unsuspecting motorists include home furnishings, building materials and YES… even our beloved Christmas trees.
Published German Automobile Club crash test calculations state that "objects travelling at 30 mph that come to a sudden stop are as much as 25 times heavier." This means that a 70 lb. piece of furniture falling out of a pickup, for example, would hit its target with the force of an object that weighs around 1,750 lbs. Obviously, a potentially "fatal" accident for anyone suffering a "direct hit" from this deadly "domestic" missile.
A company at the forefront of providing the solution to this issue is "Fasty North America, Inc.," a California based light load cargo strap provider. In a recent discussion with industry insiders, Roberto Frulla, President, stated that "Many homeowners transporting household items or building materials use careless tie down methods or use unsuitable poor quality tie-downs that snap or loosen under pressure. We are constantly looking for ways to keep our customers safer, offering products that are easy to use, and really work. A good example is our 'Fasty Strap™'… it's the easiest, quickest, strongest tie-down in its class. We call Fasty Strap™ … the 'Just in Case Strap' … It's got multiple uses, and should be 'standard' in every home or vehicle in preparation for whatever 'tie down' situation life throws at you."
According to the New York Times, at a cost of $55 Million per year, California highway workers "harvest" an estimated 140,000 cubic yards of road debris, enough to fill 8,750 dump trucks. Brooms, ladders, couches, tool boxes, mattresses, lumber, dry wall and everything else that can become "airborne and fatal" are collected daily, and estimates state that 70% of this debris is "accidental or negligent" … thanks to poorly secured loads.
Lawmakers country wide have ramped up penalties for vehicle operators who operate without properly securing their loads. However, more public awareness programs need to implemented to help eradicate the "casual, do it yourself attitude" of the average vehicle owner. The "many" who think a few pieces of twine is plenty good enough to secure a box spring and mattress to their vehicle's roof or truck bed, and then race down the highway at 75 mph. One thing is for sure; the situation is not improving and makes daily driving increasingly hazardous for the more responsible highway users among us … just one more obstacle to worry about as we "unsuspectingly" traverse our nation's highways.
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New StreetGRIP Suspension System For 1988-1998 Chevrolet C1500 Pickups

RideTech reinvents the original Sport Truck with the introduction of a lowering system that dramatically improves ride and handling while maintaining load capacity.
Jasper, IN - RideTech is proud to announce the addition of 1988-1998 C1500 pickups to its StreetGRIP line of affordable suspension systems. Twenty years ago, the 1988 Chevy C1500 launched the Sport Truck craze. Tens of thousands of enthusiasts lowered and dressed up their trucks. We all had fun, but the lowering technology of the time often sacrificed ride quality and load capacity in the name of appearance. Since then, the custom truck community has learned how to add real performance suspension to older 63-87 C10's and even older 3100 series trucks. Times have changed and so have expectations. Now the technology comes full circle.
The new RideTech StreetGRIP suspension system features a heavy duty C-Notch design that is significantly longer and stronger than other C-Notches to add axle clearance without sacrificing load capacity. Beyond the sturdy foundation, the system features custom-valved monotube shock absorbers. These premium quality shocks offer adjustable rebound and forged bodies. The shocks are so good that they carry a 1,000,001-mile warranty. RideTech provides custom matched coil springs and forged dropped spindles to get the front of your truck low. Powder-coated, heavy duty shock relocating brackets maintain an effective angle. Grade 8 hardware finishes off the complete, bolt-on system.
How does the new system work? Driving is believing, but we can tell you that the StreetGRIP system helps these old GMT400 aka OBS (old body style) pickups live up to the name "Sport Truck". Ride quality is on par with a brand new GMT900 and handling is on par with most resto-mod muscle cars. Furthermore, if you have C10 fever, it might be time to take a good hard look at the 88-98 C1500. Prime examples can be found for less than $5000. Compared to similar C10's, that should free up some budget to add RideTech's StreetGRIP suspension along with the right set of wheels and tires.
About RideTech
RideTech manufactures high performance suspension components and systems that improve the handling and ride quality of muscle cars, trucks and hot rods. From restored and show cars, to high-speed autocross and track day cars, RideTech offers a wide range of premium products including air suspension systems (air ride), coilovers, shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs, tubular a-arms arms, roll bars, sway bars and much more. RideTech-equipped vehicles have won every prominent award in the aftermarket including Street Machine of the Year, Street Rod of the Year, Truck of the Year, the Ridler Award, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, Goodguys Autocross, Hot Rod of the Year and so much more.
For more information, visit or call 812-481-4787.

Give C1 Corvette Rear Springs A Little R&R

EATON Detroit Spring can make these unavailable first-gen parts like new again.
Detroit, MI - When first-generation Corvette rear springs are looking a little worn out, it might be time for some R&R, courtesy of EATON Detroit Spring. Original C1 Corvette rear springs were made with spring steel that had a groove in the bottom side of each spring leaf. This grooved steel has not been produced since the mid-’60s, so the original-style springs with the groove can no longer be made. This predicament could bring many restorations to a standstill. However, for springs that are not fatigued, EATON offers an R&R process that can make them as close to new as possible.
R&R stands for Re-temper & Re-arch:
• The re-temper process removes the temper from each leaf, then puts it back in;
• To re-arch, while red-hot and before they are re-tempered, each leaf is formed back to its original shape.
They then go into an oil bath after being annealed and reshaped. The next step is to go through the second heat-treat furnace that finalizes the re-tempering process. Once through the second heat-treat furnace, the leaves are shot peened to relieve the inherited stresses caused by the heat-treating process before being assembled.
Does it work? Mike Eaton points to a successful job for a prominent client. “We had a customer in this morning who happens to be the designer of the original Corvette suspension who I have known for years,” he said. “He brought in a couple of sets of C1 rear springs to be reconditioned. Even though we do a lot of these, there are a lot of ’Vette owners who don’t know we offer it.”
For more information on the R&R process for C1 Corvette rear leaf springs, visit

Motovicity Picks Up Versatile Manufacturer, BLOX Racing

Madison Heights, MI, April 18th, 2018 - Motovicity Distribution, a leading automotive performance aftermarket distributor, has launched another premium brand onto their line card; BLOX Racing.
Founded in 2003, BLOX Racing is considered a relative newcomer to the import and sport compact aftermarket. However, in its short time, it has quickly established a foothold in the marketplace and developed a reputation as a high quality, aftermarket parts manufacturer with an overall commitment to the utmost standards of production management and quality control. Today, you will find BLOX Racing performance products being tested in industry leading consumer publications, showcased in custom show and street cars, at race events such as Never Lift Half Mile and Speed Ring, and relied upon in different forms of motorsports, such as drag racing, road racing, and drifting.
“BLOX Racing is dedicated to the development of high-quality performance products and accessories for today's import and sport compact enthusiast. Each product is designed and manufactured using the latest in cutting-edge technologies, processes, and materials and then tested using rigorous standards. Each BLOX Racing product is designed to work with one another, giving enthusiasts the proper foundation and building blocks for developing the right performance combination”, states Michael Choi, BLOX Racing’s Marketing Director.
BLOX Racing products are now available for wholesale purchase through Motovicity Distribution. For product inquiries, call 888.SPEED.16 to speak to a MotoRep and visit the industry-leading
About Motovicity Distribution
Occupying more than 80,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, Motovicity Distribution is a leading wholesale-only automotive aftermarket distributor of sport compact, Detroit muscle, fabrication, and truck and diesel performance parts. Stocking a complete lineup of the industry’s top performance brands, in-stock and ready for same day shipping, Motovicity is run by enthusiasts with a knowledgeable ASE-certified sales team that is ready to assist with orders. Additionally, its highly-trained warehouse staff quickly picks and packages all orders with extra care; ensuring they arrive on time and ready to install.

Recapture Early Fairlane’s Factory Stance & Ride

New isolators added to leaf & coil spring offerings from EATON Detroit Spring.
Detroit, MI - Ford Fairlane owners can recapture their vehicles’ factory stance and ride with new suspension components from EATON Detroit Spring. The company provides leaf and coil springs manufactured according to the original factory blueprint using North American made SAE5160 spring steel. New to the line are front coil spring isolators (FRI300) and rear spring top and bottom isolators (FRI26) for 1962-’65 Ford Fairlane models. Both are now available for shipment.
“Our leaf and coil springs are trusted by professional restoration artists and hot rod builders the world over,” said Mike Eaton of EATON Detroit Spring. “Why? Because we manufacture our leaf springs true to the original blueprint right here in Detroit.”
EATON Detroit Spring offers Fairlane suspension parts for 157 year, body style and engine size combinations, available for online ordering. Stock, raised and lowered ride heights can be selected for most applications, and the pros at EATON will also help choose the proper shocks for every setup, ensuring a smooth ride with the proper stance.
Every spring install also needs fresh attaching parts to finish the job right. EATON supplies bundled installation kits for models including the Ford Fairlane that feature the proper bushings, shackles, U-bolts and more.
The company’s complete line of replacement and custom leaf and coil springs are designed from the original factory blueprints, and customizable to meet special needs. They are made with SAE 5160 high-alloy spring steel and shot-peened for longer life.
EATON Detroit Spring has been manufacturing springs in Michigan since 1937, with a catalog of more than 150,000 stock applications plus a full custom design staff.
About EATON Detroit Spring
Founded in 1937, Eaton Detroit Spring has over 24,000 OEM Spring Blueprints and more than 166,000 stock spring applications. With an expert design staff available for custom applications, EATON Detroit Spring helps maintain American automotive icons by manufacturing leaf and coil springs in Detroit, Michigan. For more information, go to or call (313) 963-3839.